July 13

Rendering Services


 One of the best ways that would add value to your home or property is through changing or improving your exterior. External rendering is the perfect way to do that. 

The exterior of your property is the first thing that people see, in terms of aesthetics it’s very easy to spot a house that has been treated using wall rendering or similar products. You will feel a sense of pride when the work is complete and our external rendering work always gets strong feedback from our clients.

Rendering doesn’t require very expensive materials, we can use sand and cement or even some breathable polymer. This will hide any mismatch on the materials of the wall and thus creating a sleek finish for your home. To add architectural interest, you can choose masonry or timber cladding- this will also create and external insulation which warms up a rather draughty home.

The purpose of applying a render finish is to create a smooth, textured and a patterned finish and one that comes in a wide range of colours. For instance, for an old historic building, a lime render with a patterned finish would work perfectly to give you a sleek finish. Again, if you are looking for a breathable, flexible and a finish that will cost you less to maintain on your contemporary home, then a silicon-based render would be a perfect match.



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