January 2

Garage Conversions


At AB Construction Group we have found that many household garages are not actually used as the home for the family games room or home office but rather as a storeroom for broken furniture, old tyres, unused children’s toys and things that “might” get used again one day (but never do!). Does that sound like your garage?

Over the years cars have got ever wider whilst garages have remained the same width, making it impossible to open the doors of your car in it nowadays, but while the car has outgrown your garage, a typical single garage is still around 150 sq ft. which offers the possibility of creating a significant amount of extra living space for you to add to your home. A double garage can offer even more possibilities.

The beauty of a garage conversion is that it’s more cost-effective than a traditional extension as the foundations, walls and floor are already there and (in many cases) planning permission is not required. It is a relatively inexpensive way of adding space to your home and allowing you to avoid the huge expense and inconvenience of moving house to get the additional room that you need.

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Garage Conversion, Home Office

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